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Soraco Syringe Pump Dispenser Automatic


Soraco 12-month warranty

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Dispenser automatic syringe pump

Dispenser model syringe pump is a series of automatic pumps of Soraku company. Accurate, controlled and programmable injection of liquids is considered one of the most important features of these types of pumps. One of the features of this device is the possibility of automatic filling. So that after the syringe is completely emptied, the device can perform suction from the primary tank by activating the solenoid valve.

About the structure of the dispenser syringe pump, it should be said that this pump consists of a syringe with a specific diameter, whose piston is moved by a precise linear movement system. These pumps are mostly used where there is a need for continuous injection and smooth and accurate flow.


Automatic syringe pump uses:

  • Continuous and long-term injections
  • serum pump
  • Microchannels for accurate charging of the solution
  • Microfluid and microbiology
  • Preparation of different emulsions and colloids
  • Chemical solutions with precise stoichiometric ratio
  • Kinetic control of chemical process by controlling the flow rate of precursors


Among the advantages of the dispenser automatic syringe pump, the following can be mentioned:

  • The possibility of automatic filling of the syringe using an electric valve
  • Ability to adjust the flow rate from 0.02 ml/min to 140 ml/min (in different syringes)
  • The ability to adjust the injection volume with an accuracy of 0.02 ml
  • Adjusting the injection volume from 0.01 ml to 60 ml
  • Serial programming and electric valve control with wireless touch panel (optional)
  • Save the last settings in memory
  • 2 bar pump pressure (water fluid at 30 degrees Celsius)
  • Screen to show different parameters before and during injection
  • Automatic engine speed adjustment
  • Power supply system: 220 volts, 1 amp, 50 Hz
  • Maximum power consumption: 50 watts


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Additional information

Minimum flow rate

0.02 ml/min

maximum flow rate

40 ml/min

Injection accuracy

0.02 ml

Pump pressure

2 bar (Water fluid at ambient temperature)

Usable syringe volume

10cc, 3cc, 5cc, (Select a volume when ordering)

The number of syringes that can be used


The possibility of changing the syringe

✔, (with special conditions)

Suction capability

Automatic engine speed adjustment

Adjusting the injection volume

Display of injected volume during injection

شاشة العرض

Android application

Input Power

220 Volts

Maximum power consumption

50 watts

dimensions of the device

23 * 24 * 41 cm


8 kg

جنس بدنه دستگاه

metal, Plexi


blue black, white blue

Items included with the device

adapter, binding clamp


✔, 1 year

after sales service

✔, 5 years




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Soraco Syringe Pump Dispenser Automatic

Soraco 12-month warranty

In stock

۳۵۵,۰۰۰,۰۰۰ ریال

send mail for help before buying

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