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Darkoob Braille Embosser V2

Available in stock

Brand: Soraco

  • The most up-to-date braille printer in Iran
  • printing 480 pages per hour
  • fully automatic paper feeding with a capacity of 250 sheets
  • exclusive software with support for Farsi and English languages
  • color touch panel and intuitive keys for the blind

جهت اطلاع از قیمت تماس بگیرید

Phone order is also possible.

Darkoob braille printer V2 single head model

To print volumes for the blind in Braille at high speed

color touch panel

  • The possibility of printing from the device panel
  • Illusory keys in Persian language for the enlightened

Print features

  • Printing speed 480 pages per hour
  • The ability to print both sides at the same time
  • Printing on A3 and A4 papers
  • Ability to print on 120 to 180 gram paper
  • The possibility of printing using internal memory without the need for a computer


  • It has a dedicated software with support for Persian and English languages ​​with a user-friendly environment
  • Communication with DUXBURRY software and support for other languages
  • Testing and troubleshooting system
  • It has a built-in fault finding system and an expressive warning
  • The system for announcing the end of paper and the end of printing
  • It has 13 simultaneous hammers and a protection system
  • Fully automatic paper feeding with a capacity of 250 sheets
  • Hammer test
  • Head and roller movement test


  • Anti-erasure roller of beryl dots
  • It has a vibration and sound reduction system
  • Regular collection of printed paper with automatic arm system
  • Designed and built by elite National Foundation member professionals with over 1000 man hours
  • Support and after-sales service in the country

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Shipping to all locations

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1 year product warranty

5 years after sales service

Product return guarantee