Holding the unveiling ceremony of Braille printer in Bandar Abbas

Description of the news:

According to Hormozgan welfare public relations report; Coinciding with the first day of commemoration of the holy days of the Decade of Fajr and on the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, the unveiling ceremony of the braille printer donated by the Governor of Hormozgan to the Persian Gulf Roshandlan Association was held at the library of this association in compliance with the health guidelines. became. In this ceremony, with the presence of Mohammad Golestaninejad, Director General of the Governor’s Office and Public Relations of Hormozgan Governorate, Niknejad, Director General of the Office of Inspection and Performance Management of the Governorate, Dr. Ebrahim Hassannejad, Supervisor of Hormozgan Welfare, Rifat Iranpour, Deputy of Provincial Welfare Rehabilitation, Ali Javadan, Head of the City Welfare Department Bandar Abbas was held, the general director of the governor’s office and public relations of Hormozgan governorate, while congratulating the celebration of the blessed decade of Fajr, said: Roshandlan are capable people who will be able to flourish their potential talents if the necessary conditions and platform are provided for their more effective presence in the society. . In another part of his speech, Golestani Nejad said: The open-minded society is a dynamic and creative society, and it is necessary for the officials to pay special attention to this segment of the welfare organization’s target society. It should be mentioned: Darkob braille printer was produced in a knowledge-based company in Isfahan with the latest method in the world, which competes with western models. This printer has high capabilities and Hormozgan province is currently the 22nd province of the country to have a Braille printer. From now on, scientific, cultural, artistic and research resources will be printed and published in Braille for bright-hearted people, and bright-hearted people will be able to benefit and use this printer throughout the province. آیین رونمایی از چاپگر خط بریل
Braille printer unveiling ceremony
آیین رونمایی از چاپگر خط بریل
Braille printer unveiling ceremony
آیین رونمایی از چاپگر خط بریل
Braille printer unveiling ceremony
  Source: National Welfare Organization, 13 Bahman 1400

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